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Kantry Farm Systems (KFS) is a brain child of Mr Nqobani Ncube who founded the company in his third year of Btech (Honors) Degree in Biotechnology (2017), upon realisation of the need of implementing technological advancement and innovation in agricultural practises to ensure food security and consistency of supply of agricultural products. Mr Munashe A. Mvere with Btech (Honors) Degree in Biotechnology is the co-founder of KFS who shared Mr Ncube’s vision of technologically advanced agricultural systems. Mr Nyasha B. Mukwakwami with Btech (Honors) Degree in Food Processing Technology who was enrolled by the founders due to his knowledge in Agribusiness and Food Processing Technology. The above mentioned gentlemen form an attractive team that has the directorial role in all KFS activities.

Upon registering and launching the company in June 2017, the initial business model was wholesale and retail distribution of tilapia bream based on the short term company objectives to raise adequate capital to fulfill the company goals. The bream were collected from Kariba and by the end of July 2017, the company was supplying 150kg of fish per week to locals and five city restaurants. The company also supplied 40 punnets of oyster mushrooms per week.

With increasing demand of fish, it was thus realized that the logistical cost and handling of the fish contributed to a significant portion of the price of the fish therefore to alleviate the above problem, the company devised stratagem to partner with locals to guarantee a future supply of the tilapia bream. KFS then initiated the conduction of workshops and private training sessions so as to train the locals on commercial fish farming and mushroom farming. These activities had benefits namely;

  1. Community empowerment
  2. Job creation
  3. Promoting self employment and self sustainability
  4. A guaranteed future supply of fish and mushroom from locals thus alleviating logistical costs and associated losses
  5. Long term partnerships with the trained individuals as well as creation of business/project partnerships between the trained individuals.

To date, KFS has conducted countable major workshops and a series of minor workshops (individual trainings) and has managed to partner with stake-holders who have shown keen interest in fish farming and mushroom production.

The ever dapper KFS team is tirelessly working on projects which include

  • Spawn development and production
  • Mushroom kit supply
  • Fingerling supply
  • Fish feed supply
  • Earthworm farming workshops

The KFS team is has currently embarked on the bold engagement on the implementation of current innovation and technology such as a farm supply block chain and an interactive peer to peer farming application (to be disclosed at a later date).

As KFS, we determined to enrich lives in the region and so the conception of our long term goal which is nicknamed ‘Project Bravo’ (Bravo being the phonetic abbreviation of Bread Basket) which we wish to attain gregariously with all interested enthusiasts and innovators who are ardent in promoting growth, development and globalisation ultimately creating a better continent.

Yours truly

The KFS crew

September 14, 2019
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