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Phoney declarations from unorthodox fish breeders

As soon as one sees some fingerlings swimming up in his pond, he has already claimed the title of the best fish breeder in Zimbabwe. There are many self-proclaimed fish breeders, who don’t even know the species of the fish, they even produce in thousands. Just say I want fingerlings, they throw an exorbitant price at your face, followed up by a series of texts messages, bragging about their long distance delivery escapades. If you manage to find a second, in the midst of the text message hurricane coming your way, ask them about the broodstock species, they use for fingerling production. Their response is “We have a white farmer who does these seeds (not even daring to use the technical language) for us, we guarantee our seed Baba. We have the best seed in Zimbabwe that l can tell you”. If you thought he was done sharing all his fish delivery voyages, prepare for this one, ‘We have delivered to most white farmers’. Many are trapped here, they think quality is white not so, it not. They don’t even ask more about the product they what to purchase (the fingerling sizes, the sex and even the survival rate of the fingerlings) That’s how these mushrooming fish breeders cast their nets of deception, to many inspiring fish farmers in Zimbabwe, all bad fish farming experiences, all starts here.

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