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Who We Are

Who is KFS

Kantry Farm Systems is an agricultural biotechnology company and the home of Aquaculture (fish farming) and Myoculture (mushroom farming). We pride ourselves in getting our hands dirty and going that extra mile to produce cost effective agricultural products, with the promotion of sustainable agricultural practices. Our belief is founded on core principles and values of the exudation of the highest quality by doing it right the first time, every time. KFS believes in ideas that make all the difference in the agricultural sector, and our very attractive team is making this a reality. Try us today!

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Products we offer range from but are not limited to, Mushroom spawn, Mushroom kits, Mushroom starter packs.


What We Offer

Mycoculture: Mushroom Farming

We work directly with farmers, suppliers and traders to improve the production and marketing of mushrooms. We do this by;

  • Mushroom workshops: Providing knowledge of mushroom farming through training

We Teach How To:

Backyard farming sustains the family yes, but to have disposable income from farming you need some professional guidance on how to do it. Thats what we offer as KFS. Revolutionary

We show how to:

Talk is cheap they say. After teaching you, we show you how you can actually do what you learnt. Video tutorials online. Yes it's a thing. You can help yourself


Also known as aquafarming, is the farming of fish, crustaceans, molluscs, aquatic plants, algae, and other organisms. Aquaculture involves cultivating freshwater and saltwater populations under controlled conditions, and can be

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We are taking you for online courses. Register or contact us on our WhatsApp number to get more information about this. +263774975991

Our Team

Nice to meet you

Munashe A. Mvere

  • Bachelor of Technology Honors Degree in Biotechnology.
  • One year experience as a Molecular Biologist at SeedCo Research Station Zimbabwe.
  • Area of experiences include but not limited to Fish Market, Mushroom Farming

Nyasha Mukwakwami
Nyasha B. Mukwakwami

  • Bachelor of Technology Honors Degree in Food Process Engineering.
  • One year experience as food process engineer at Monmouth Industries Zimbabwe.
  • Area of experience include but not limited to Mushroom nutrition, Mushroom Farming.

Nqobani Ncube

  • Bachelor of Technology Honors Degree in Biotechnology.
  • One year experience at Lake Harvest Aquaculture Zimbabwe.
  • Area of experience include but not limited to Fish farming.

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Kantry Farm Systems

No. 1515 Phase 2, Granary, Harare.



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